A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant Album review

It’s pretty clear by now that any Maynard James Keenan project involves a great deal of patience when waiting for a new body of work. 15 years since the last A Perfect Circle album (not including 2004’s covers album emotive) the band are back with a dazzling collection of perfectly crafted, awe inspiring rock songs in the form of Eat The Elephant.

The album borders on genius from the opening note to the last, each track a provocative social commentary encased in a glimmering, beautiful journey of soundscapes. Dissolusioned is arguably the stand out moment of the album, epitomising this chapter of A perfect circle, both dark and beautiful in its delivery, the song features the line ‘time to put the silicone obsession down, take a look around, find a way in the silence’ a sentiment which resonates heavily in a generation of technology obsessives who are slowly losing touch with the basic pleasures of everyday life. Maynard is untouchable throughout, once again proving he is one of, if  not the best minds and voices in the history of music.

its easy to get caught in the genius of MJK whilst listening to this album, but the remainder of the band bring just as much to the table here, The Doomed and TalkTalk weave their way between delicate and muscular tones with seemless ease, the luscious layers of guitars and keyboards offering the perfect backdrop for this collective creative juggernaut to operate. whilst So Long and Thanks for All the Fish has genuine mainstream appeal which could be enjoyed by fans of all corners of music.

the album ends on its most mellow moment with Get the Lead Out, set to a jarringly off kilter vocal melody with a minimalist ‘bigbeat’ vibe, the track is a forward thinking piece of art and is the perfect way to round of what is in short a modern masterpiece.

15 years of waiting is a small price to pay for an album this amazing, right?


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