While She Sleeps Gig Review Newcastle Riverside 08.05.17

In Hearts Wake warm the crowd up with their somewhat uninspiring strain of Metalcore. Beat-downs aplenty; the band aren’t really offering anything we haven’t heard before, and done to a higher standard. They seem to go down well with the audience and provide a small glimpse into the hectic reaction that follows.

Sometimes you know that you are witnessing a band at a high point in their career, and seeing While She Sleeps tonight as part of the You Are We tour, has that special feeling to it. The band have arguably been one of the most overlooked yet consistent acts of recent years, however they appeared to become somewhat ‘lost in the shuffle’, of the changing landscape of British metal, they returned with crowd funded album which appears to be getting the accolades that their music deserves. A set largely dominated by songs from the brilliant new record, turns the packed-out Newcastle Riverside into a chaotic mass of sweat soaked insanity. Opening with the title track before blasting into Civil Isolation and Seven Hills the mass of bodies continues to riot in every corner of the room, but Brainwashed provides the most hectic moment and when that riff drops the room positively explodes. What works in favour of While She Sleeps is that they have a great front man in Loz Taylor, a front man who is able to engage with and work up the crowd when necessary. His dives into the crowd has become somewhat of a signature moment of a WSS set.

The You Are We tracks sound amazing in the live set, and a mere 2 weeks removed from the release of the album, fans in attendance know every word to the new songs, and sing them back to the band with as much passion as numbers from This is the Six and Brainwashed, Hurricane and Wide Awake sounding particularly brilliant. It’s really encouraging to see the band getting the appreciation that their music demands, and with the tour selling out in pretty much every corner of the country, it can only be presumed that While She Sleeps are a band who have all the tools to allow their stock to continue to rise to the top.


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