While She Sleeps Interview for NE Volume Magazine

As well as running Everything Louder, I also often write for local music magazine NE Volume, the following interview with While She Sleeps, prior to their Newcastle Riverside show on the 8th of May, can be found at the following link –  http://nevolume.co.uk/interview/286

Since the release of their debut album ‘This is the Six’, While she Sleeps have emerged as one of the most exciting and interesting heavy bands in the United Kingdom.

On record and in the live environment what they offer is a fresh take on a sub-genre of metal that some would argue has all but ran its course. As they release their third album, ‘You are We’ Jake Carr Smith spoke to the band about the new record, the supporting tour and in particular, the Newcastle Riverside show.

Jake: The tracks you have released so far are sounding great…how are you feeling about the album as a whole?

While She Sleeps: We are stoked with it; every track has its own vibe and story to tell. This is the best work we’ve ever done and I can’t wait to get on the road and play it for people.

Jake: ‘Hurricane’ in particular has a slightly more ‘radio friendly’ sound…is this something we can expect from both the album, and the direction of a band as a whole?

While She Sleeps: No. We’ve always had a melodic side to us – we feel it’s almost the Yin Yang to our band. We play heavy shit and we like to play chilled out shit haha, so we’ve always worked that into our songs – some more than others. ‘Hurricane’ just happened to have more of an up-lifting vibe to it.

Jake: The new album ‘You are We‘ is being released through Pledge music, with the option of all kinds of cool merchandise bundles (signed CD’s/Vinyl etc.) Do you feel that Pledge offers you a better platform to connect with your fan base?

While She Sleeps: Yes, 100%. We’ve cut out the middle man, the money that the fans give us in return for pledge items goes straight to the band, which will get spent on funding for the album and marketing. Labels are just a glorified bank loan, we done this route before, a lot of people think getting signed to a label is cool, and for the most part it might be, but for us it gave us a few more problems that it was worth. Now we have full control of our situation and we feel a much more closer connection to the fans. This is the way forward for future musicians.

Jake: You have fellow Sheffield lad turned mega-star Oli Sykes guesting on ‘Silence Speaks’… how did this come about?

While She Sleeps: We’ve recently been on tour with Bring Me the Horizon in between recording the tracks. We showed Oli the record and he seemed pretty stoked about it. So naturally the conversation came up about a guest vocal part, which we were all pleased about. He came up with some cool ideas for his part which we incorporated into the track.

Jake: You’re playing Newcastle Riverside on Monday 8th May…is the North East a place you look forward to playing or is it simply another stop on the road?

While She Sleeps: We look forward to every show, and every show is different. We will have to see what Newcastle Riverside can bring to the table.


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