Krysthla Peace In Our Time Album Review

2015’s War of Souls of Desires was a welcoming assault on the senses, brutal and gruelling yet packing plenty of groove and a small layering of melody, which all together made it palatable enough for the average listener, who wouldn’t normally venture into territories this extreme. Unfortunately, the album stayed somewhat under the radar and, in my opinion at least, didn’t receive the recognition that it deserved. Krysthla are back their follow up Peace in our Time, released through ‘Initiate Audio and Media’ the album carries on from where War of Souls and Desires left off, with as many break neck riffs and punishing beat downs. There is again the clear influence from the likes of Decapitated or Meshuggah, with the snarling bottom end chug providing a frequent kick to the guts. This time round however we see other areas of metal being experimented with, The Minor Mystery of Death for example, at time has a ‘Roots’ era Sepultura feel to it, its these moments that allow this album and more broadly, Krysthla’s music, to stand as a gateway into extreme forms of metal which is a beneficial factor of their product.

A sense of deep rooted hostility resonates throughout the 8 tracks, Yawm Al Qiyamah and Within the Lie of all Lies offer arguably the most aggressive moments which tap into a raw sense of hatred which can’t be faked. There is a clear political agenda at play in the lyrical content throughout, which offers a platform of discontent in which most can relate to.  The atmospheric dalliances are what makes this album stand out as a collection of eclectic heavy metal. The final track Eternal Oceans shows the band flexing their creative muscles to affect, the song sits at a mid-tempo with an almost trippy vibe before unleashing sheer musical hell for the final two minutes or so. You would presume that at this stage and with this album Krysthla are in a position to elevate to the next level, with the likes of Metal Hammer and Terrorizer seemingly on board, a collection of tracks from two consistently strong albums and a live show which transcends the raw aggression to the stage, the ingredients are certainly there for the band to step up to the next level in the not too distant future.


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