Deep Purple Infinite Album Review

Deep Purple arguably sit in the top three most influential bands in the history of heavy music. Deep Purple in Rock, Fireball, Machine Head and Burn, to name but a few absolutely classic and timeless albums. Their sound was as raucous and in your face as you can imagine whilst also being highly technical and musically brilliant. So, to hear them sound the way they do these days is pretty sad, and this album offers another tarnish on the band’s legacy.

Opening with Time for Bedlam, the track begins with an embarrassingly bad robotic style ‘space’ voice, rambling unnecessary nonsense before misfiring into a mid-tempo’d and downright generic rock song which is instantly forgettable. The rest of the record pretty much follows this formula as well. There’s nothing really about the album that stands out. long gone are the days of Richie Blackmore and the late great John Lord battling it out to see who could burst ear drums first. Everything is pretty tame and inoffensive (even hearing Ian Gillan swear on track two makes you say aww), the production is flat and lifeless, tracks such as All I Got Is You and The Surprising suffering from this in-particular.

The upbeat numbers such as Hip Boots and One Night in Vegas aren’t all that bad, they show signs of life even if the lyrics are questionable at best. On Top of the World would offer a definite high point on Infinite, the gritty riff and classic Deep Purple Hammond organ tone show signs of past glories, however somewhere around the three-minute mark, the track drops into just keyboards and that horrific space voice from the start of the album, which proceeds to spout some nonsense about ‘Luigi the Cockroach’ which kills the momentum completely.

A question I have asked myself for a while is – ‘what the hell has happened to Ian Gillan’s voice’, of course everyone’s voice suffers from age and loses its power over the years, however he doesn’t even sound like the same guy. I t’s almost alien to think that this is the same person who tore their way through tracks such as Highway Star and Child in Time. You can’t blame them for trying and continuing to do what they all love, but when sounding like this it’s probably time for Deep Purple to hang up their instruments.

Its sad to talk about one of the best bands of all time in this way, but the album really is without merit. If you have have given this album a go, then do yourself a favour immediately after and pull out your copy of Machine Head to remember this brilliant band for what they were in their heyday!


6 thoughts on “Deep Purple Infinite Album Review”

  1. you obviously are a Blaackmore diehard. Gillan’s voice – he is 71 or older – a little reality check – he is not 20 something anymore. Purple is firing on many cyliders on this album. Sorry Blackmore just doesn’t do Birds of Prey which might be one of Purple’s best. A very enjoyable album.


    1. I am far from a blackmore die hard,i dare say if his current rainbow project made a new album i would end up saying a lot of the same things. Im well aware he is that old and i have every right to say his voice sounds crap..because it does. Artists can grow old gracefully and cater their music to this as they reach this stage of their career. If you think theyre firing on all cylinders here then thats fair enough but i think it sounds like a band desperately trying to sound youthful which is just a bit sad..


  2. sad- …WTF.ok Machine head was great and they were awesome. Lord was the best and Ritchie…was just a phenomenal asshole..oh sorry i don’t want to speak too much truth here. get over yourself. this album is a fine effort-compare this to some of the schlock newer artists give us pushed out by the record companies these days. this band can still play. some things I would change- a bit less of the swearing but overall a great band with some talent left to give. I love the wild lyrics from ian- oh sometimes they miss but they are in good fun and if your in your 70’s playing music like the 70’s its time to have some fun…


    1. I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.. i dont really think this album has a leg to stand on but whatever.. with regards to new music, yeh theres some shit around these days but theres also a hell of a lot of great stuff which puts this album to shame.


  3. Words fail me…..Have been a Purple fan since my early teens in 1981. The new album is a real late career highpoint ,carrying on the impressive standards of Now What?..The songs are all fantastic and the production superb throughout. To my ears it easily surpasses Perfect Strangers which always slightly disappointed me. Last saw them at the Roundhouse in London on the Now what tour…epic!!!
    Get yourself another career asshole as your ear is obviously situated up your jacksy… quote Ian Gillan.


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