Guns ‘N’ Roses Announce UK and Europe Support Acts

Guns ‘N’ Roses have announced support acts for the upcoming ‘Not in this Lifetime’ European tour and it’s pretty fair to say that London has drawn the short straw, don’t get me wrong it’s pretty ignorant to dismiss a band without having heard of/listened to them, however at nearly one hundred pound a pop for a ticket to a stadium show you expect bands with a big of star power to be filling the bill, so it’s pretty easy to see why people are becoming frustrated at the announcement.

This isn’t the most annoying part about it however, what we have in support of ‘the most dangerous band in the world’, a band cut their teeth in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles and went on to change the landscape of rock music in the mid to late 80’s, bringing back the attitude and raw energy that had been missing for some time, is lo-fi indie rock two piece, The Kills. A genre not exactly known for its aggression or enthralling live performances. The hint’s in the name, ‘lo-fi’, could this be any further removed from the very DNA of Guns ‘N’ Roses? Perhaps I am too undereducated in that style of music; however, I think it’s pretty safe to say that The Kills aren’t that big of a deal in their own circle, never mind ours. Tyler Bryant and the Shakedowns, the other support band for the London show have a sound which packs a bit of a punch and has a little bit of old school rock grit. It’s great that a smaller band are getting a chance to open for the arguably the biggest band in the world however seeing these two names on the poster doesn’t exactly have a ‘stadium sized’ feel, does it? It’s also worth noting that at the height of their career, the use your illusion tour in the UK (1992), Guns ‘N’ Roses took Soundgarden and Faith No More out on the road, two bands who were very much relevant in the emergence of alt rock/grunge in the early 90’s.

Next you can take into account that the rest of Europe has bands such as The Darkness, Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Royal Blood, Wolfmother and Biffy Clyro, all bands who pack a punch and bring a bit of bombast to their live performance, the latter being a bonafide stadium sized band. Sweden have Backyard Babies, and although the band aren’t exactly a big deal to the UK, in their native country this is a different story, the same rule applies to Finland’s Michael Monroe.

The whole situation makes it hit home how much of a corporate money spinning event this tour appears to be, howevee judging by recent footage it will be worth for moment the band hit the stage and we are in the presence of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band the world has ever seen.


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