League of Souls Bass Player Paul Simpson Q&A

Hi Paul, how are things with League of Souls?

Hi Jake, League of Souls are feeling positive right now. We have our first festival date on 2nd April over in Carlisle at ‘Rock Rampage’. We’re excited to be getting out in front of a great rock audience. We recently released a four track EP entitled Losing Control and have had tracks played on various internet radio shows. one of the songs, Losing my soul is on the CD that accompanies the latest issue of Fireworks Magazine. We’ve also got a brand new track ready to go but we want to tie it up with a pro video before letting it out. So yeah, we’re feeling good.

What do the band have lined up for the rest of the year?

For the year ahead we are constantly looking for gigs,  either supporting or double headers. To be honest it’s quite hard getting a foot in the door at many venues but we are persistent. 
We’ll be rehearsing and writing new tunes and hopefully recording again. Oh and gigging ( did I mention that?) hopefully. 

Your EP Losing Control is now on spotify, are you happy with the way it turned out and how do you feel about platforms such as Spotify, do you think they are a good thing or is it having a detrimental affect on music and unsigned bands??

We are fortunate to have some disposable income between us, so getting our music out onto mainstream music outlets was, for us, a good move. There are a few ways to do it and it was a bit of an ordeal at first.  Getting on Spotify is part of the package we bought into.  There are many partners that are hosting it. The streaming side of these outlets doesn’t rake in much cash but it’s good to know people can find us. Overall I think it’s a good thing and exposure is what we want. 

Your music has a definite old school vibe, do you take influences from just the older bands or do you look to more contemporary acts for influence as well?

As for our musical influences, well as individuals we’ve all been around a while and over three decades of various rock music styles can rub off on you. We’ve got favourite classic rock bands like Rush, Magnum, Whitesnake and Queensryche to name a few and we all listen to new music, bands such as Alter Bridge and Nickelback. 
I’m pleased you felt the old school vibe in our style,  I don’t think we can do anything else! Our music comes out that way because it’s who we are, we don’t try to copy anyone. We like it and we want our audience to like it too!
Check out League of Souls on Spotify and youtube or head over to their website for more info –

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