Creeper | Milk Teeth | Energy | Puppy Gig Review Newcastle SU 27.03.17

London trip Puppy are the type of band who simple can’t be defined by the constraints of one genre, their amalgamation of styles flicks from huge, gritty riffs to the pop sensibilities of band such as Weezer, and with an ever-present sense of melody, flourishes of the likes of Muse or Ghost can be heard in Puppy’s music. This is translated well to a live setting, and what the band lack in stage presence they more than make up for in musicality.

What follows is less than impressive, Boston Massachusetts based, Energy appear to capture the attention of the young crowd, for what reason I’m not particularly sure. Like the band previous, their style is hard to define, not in the sense that it borrows from a vast array of musical styles, but simply because it sounds a bit of a mess. New song Witching Hour with its tacky lyrical content and no-direction structure is the icing on a pretty dreadful cake. Milk Teeth are up next, their punk rock stomp is punchy and energetic, embodying traits of 90’s alternative rock, there are moments in the set that lean towards the trippy fuzz of Smashing Pumpkins, but when the band are at their best is in the moments that embrace the up tempo bounce akin to the likes of Nirvana. With some fine-tuning Milk Teeth could be a big name in years to come.

The night however, belongs to Creeper, following the release of their Debut Album Eternity, In Your Arms the band are riding an overwhelming wave of momentum. With a strong commercial backing, well-crafted anthems and a super marketable image tonight feels like we are on the cusp of something big with this band. Taking to the stage with a euphoric version of Black rain, the crowd sing every word back at the band, never letting up throughout the entirety of the set. Suzanne and Down Below roar out of the traps, filling the tiny room with their stadium sized, singalong choruses. Dressed in their matching Callous Heart jackets and the stage decked with 4 light up crosses, the production (as minimal as it is) looks great and sets the tone for each song. This is particularly striking during the brilliant I choose to Live Vocalist Will Gould and Hannah Greenwood’s differing voices mesh together and offer the stand out moment of the set.

From the outside, it might seem that Creeper are another ‘flash in the pan’ band, who’s fall will be imminent and as quick as the rise they are currently experiencing, however tonight proves this simply will not be the case. The time feels right for this band to fill the void and push forward to the top tier of the scene, with an album like Eternity and performances as vital as this, is difficult to imagine this not the case. Anyone who has attended this tour, savour the moment, because this is the last time you will see Creeper in venues this small.


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