Examining Potential BOA 3rd Headliner

The UK’s favourite independent metal festival returns to Catton Hall for its 19th instalment on the 10th of August. With headliners Amon Amarth and Megadeth previously announced, there is much speculation as to who will join these bands to top the bill on the Saturday. Lets take a look at the most likely candidates for BOA17 –


Having previously played the festival in 2015, it might be too soon to have Trivium back at BOA, this is not something which the festival is unaccustomed to doing however as Slayer played in 2013 and again in 2016. With Trivium it wouldn’t really be a question as to whether they are big enough or not, but more whether their sound is particularly suited to the festival. With reports suggesting the band were not particularly well received the last time they played, would it be wise to have them back so soon? The new album is killer however, and its traditional metal styling’s could work in their favour this time round.

likelyhood – 7/10


Again a repeat booking for the festival and also a fairly recent one (previously playing in 2013) the black metal titans are playing festivals in Europe around the time of Bloodstock. As the band rarely play these days, the niche nature of the booking would ensure the band are a suitable headliner for the festival, and although they are not particularly a ‘big’ band in the typical, mainstream sense their influence and as previously mentioned the rarity of the band performing would be a strong addition to the line up. With bloodstock festival organisers stating in a recent Q&A that the final headliner could not be announced due to contractual reasons, it begs the question,  why  couldn’t Emperor have been announced for Bloodstock when they announced their other festival appearances?

likelyhood – 8/10

Five Finger Death Punch – 

Having never played the festival before and the bands stock continuing to rise, 5FDP are certainly big enough to headline the festival. As with Trivium, it must be questioned whether their breed of modern metal would go down well with the general Bloodstock crowd. Regardless, this would be a major snag for the festival as this is most certainly a band on the up, and one who could easily top the bill of major festivals in the future (download etc).  As the bands current tour schedule has them wrapping up European dates in July before returning home to the states in August, this scenario seems pretty unlikely as things stand.

Likelyhood  – 5/10


Having an old school rock band headlining the festival is something that the festival like to do, Twisted Sister, Motorhead and Europe(?!) being examples of this in the past. Whitesnake have to be strong contender to take the classic band slot were Bloodstock to have one. More than likely in the of  twilight of their career, taking a headline slot at a more than reputable festival would be a suitable stop on the bands final tour. With nothing announced for 2017 so far, it would have to be a sizeable pay day to entice Whitesnake to play the festival one would imagine, which begs the question, would their performance justify the price tag? Recent form suggests, probably not.

Likelyhood – 6/10

Alice Cooper

Alice cooper has previously taken the classic band slot at Bloodstock in 2012 and he is arguably the festivals biggest coup to date. His stock has not dwindled since then,  an Alice Cooper headline slot in 2017 would still be a big deal. Wrapping up his tour dates in late July, a stop at Catton Hall to headline BOA could be a good way to end the current touring cycle before concentrating on working on a new album.

Likelyhood – 7/10


Probably the most likely candidate for the Saturday slot, Ghost seem to be on the verge of big things. Having never headlined a festival of any capacity in this country, Bloodstock would be a strong statement of intent for the band as they aim to become the next big name in heavy music. The expected festival announcement said to happening at the end on March/start of August falls in line with the end of their current UK ‘popestar’ tour, the time seems right for Ghost to take their place at the top of the bill, therefore all signs appear to point towards Ghost at this stage.

likelyhood – 9/10

Of course there is as much possibility that it could be another band completely, the festival have done a great job so far of keeping it a tight lipped secret!

Bloodstock will take place between 10-13 August.



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