Hellion Rising frontman Matt Adamson Q&A

On the verge of releasing their brand new EP kill ’em Cure ’em Newcastle’s Hellion Rising look to raise their ever growing profile with the new release, I had a chat with frontman Matt to hear his thoughts  on the record, the launch gig at Trillians and the bands plans moving forward-

Hey matt, you’re a few weeks away from dropping your new EP ‘kill em cure em’ are you feeling positive about the new material?

Absolutely, this is something we’ve had in store for a while now, and just took some time to get round to recording. You see over the past year, we’ve had some pretty amazing times, but on the other side of things we’ve had some pretty dark moments. I think this really reflects in the music, and especially with the direction we’ve headed in. It’s definitely been a case of our personal situations, and surroundings having an influence over the course the direction of the music has headed. Personally, I find this some of the most fun stuff to play on stage. It’s nice in a sense to almost get back to your origins, and roots coming into heavy music.

Im sensing the title might be a little nod to the debut Metallica album, am i on the right path here?

Funnily enough, it doesn’t have anything to do with the first Metallica record. However I will say, it’s one of my favourites when I’m going through the albums. The title comes from a song title of the same name, which is actually a hats off  to the film the Omega Man, which Charlton Heston stars in. It wasn’t until i saw the artwork, I suddenly thought wow, that looks like an ode to Metallica. That’s fine though, I’m happy with that, as Kill’ Em’ All’ is such a monumental album in music.

To my ears, your music lends from a plethora of influences and the outcome is pretty exciting but does the EP offer any surprises, are there any departures from your usual sound?

The biggest departure is definitely the tone of this album. The riffs are heavier, the themes are heavier, and vocals are a lot heavier too. Naturally it has become a lot less clean and more aggressive. We’ve also got a few bits which are maybe quite progressive, and experimental. It’s certainly been a lot of fun to try out different stuff. We didn’t want to just put Eight of Swords part two out, which is how it quite easily could of ended up. Kill’ Em/Cure’ Em’ certainly has a bite to it.

You guys have recently signed with Barely Nakid records, what does the mean for Hellion rising moving forward?

It really just gives us a step up to say, here we are, we’re out here, and we want to come play your town very soon. It also gives the band a chance to get our music out there to a wider audience. We’re lucky In a sense, we have a good agreement with the label. We can come and go as we please, and it’s really a two way street to progressing the band. They’ve been nothing but helpful, and went out the way to help the progression of Hellion Rising. Our goal as a unit is to get out there into wider fields, play more shows and ultimately have a good time. If it’s not fun, you’re just going through the motions. So it’s essential to keep the high energy and spirit of the band high.

You’ve had to upgrade your EP launch night to Trillians due to overwhelming demand, that must be a good feeling?

In some sense it’s almost overwhelming really, and really we’re all taken by it and appreciate the support we’re given. I know from my standpoint, it’s all about the fans, the people who come to the show to have a good time. If there not having a good time, I’m not. I want to see people having fun, and I know the rest of the band feels that way also. We wanted to keep the show at Nemix, but for going over the capacity limit we had no choice but to shift venues. That’s a shame, as we have such close ties Nemix, but it’s just the way it goes at times.

Trillians is a great venue and I’ve personally seen some great bands play there, do you feel the music scene in the north east is generally pretty healthy with regards to heavier music or could it do with a few more venues and bands to give it a bit more of a lift?

Personally I feel the scene in Newcastle is always quite strong. It’s very vibrant in the variety of bands it offers, and there is a great sense of spirit amongst the scene. I sometimes feel, elitism is the only thing which holds the thing back from really striving. If we could have more shows, where barriers are knocked down, and people can really come together, then Newcastle would be really onto a different level. Like Pink Floyd said, walls divide, lets see more diversity with types of bands at shows and really turn up the heat.

And lastly you’ve got die no more, w.a.r, the raging sickness and Dox Doherty from rusted hero in support for the night, were these bands hand selected by you and if so why these bands?

With the bands we’ve picked they’ve really been close friends, and people we’ve been out on the road with. We’ve known Die No More the best part of nearly four years now, and if you spend that amount of time with people, you grow fond of them, and what music they are putting out. Same with The Raging Sickness lads, we first did a show with them up in this dive in Scotland, and we just clicked ever since. Really a good bunch of lads, I have a lot of time for them guys. And Dox, what can I say about Dox, he’s a stand up guy who is a tremendous talent. It just made sense to have him on to do the show, it would of been a wasted opportunity not too. The only wild card in there is WAR, I have never met those guys before, but Gio (guitarist)has said nothing but great things about them. If he says something like that, I’m instantly on board with it. I’m looking forward to meeting them and hearing their material.

Kill ’em Cure em’ will be available on 08/04/2017 preorder packages are available at – http://www.hellionrisingofficialstore.bigcartel.com/ every order comes with a free signed photo of the band.

The lanuch night will take place that day at Trillians rock bar in Newcastle, entry is free!






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