Obituary (Self titled) – Album Review

With a career spanning 33 years, American Death Metallers Obituary drop their new self-titled album, the bands tenth release.  A band who played a big band in introducing the world to more extreme forms of music, the newest offering is much of the same formula that they have worked with for the entirety of their career, blast beats, big riffs and guttural vocals galore it is unmistakably in keeping with their sound.

Kicking off with two short and sweet numbers Brave and Sentence Day the tracks are barely distinguishable from one another. A Lesson in Vengeance follows and as well as being the albums stand out moment, it also sets the tone for the majority of the album. The middle-paced groove based songs are where the band flourishes and sounds truly evil, It Lives being another example of this.  What’s most pleasing about this album is the lead guitar work, with the bands most recent recruit Kenny Andrews shredding his way through the ten tracks, his style is somewhat old school and has that 80’s guitar hero feel to his playing, the final track Ten Thousand ways to Die being his crowning moment as the albums MVP.  This could be better complimented with a chunkier rhythm guitar tone, instead what we have is a somewhat muffled sound which doesn’t allow the album to sound as menacing as it perhaps could.

Weighing in at just over thirty minutes the album is short and to the point, with this Obituary have done everything they set out to do and have released a pleasing offering of straight up, old school death metal.


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