Blood Moon Bandits – The Dangerous (El Peligroso) Single Review

Formed in late 2016, Blood Moon Bandits are emerging as one of the North East’s hottest new bands, having got their feet off the ground in the local scene with a string of performances around the area, as well as recently winning a place in the next stage of Bloodstock Festivals Metal to the masses competition (and moving a step closer to playing the festivals Hobgoblin new blood stage) thanks to a stand out performance at Trillian’s in Newcastle, the future looks bright for BMB.

The four piece have just dropped a video for their third single The Dangerous (El Perigroso). Although BMB are clearly heavily influenced by 80’s hard rock bands, frontman Smithii’s deep menacing vocal delivery shows they have as much in common with bands like Danzig or HIM, as they do Guns N roses and Aerosmith.  His vocal style is also reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne’s solo work and the double tracked vocal is a clear nod to this.

Guitarist, Ewan Metcalfe’s stamp is all over this track, his soaring style of playing commanding attention throughout, backing off only to allow the stadium sized chorus’s to soar, before finally taking off into a good old fashioned, ass kicking guitar solo. Complimented by Dann Marx and Marty Bennett’s tight rhythm section who’s unapologetic swagger carries the gritty anthem, it becomes apparent the band have bags of creativity and flare, as well as  a strong marketable image. All the ingredients needed to make a strong impression on the UK music scene.

Fans of old school, no frills rock n roll be sure to keep an eye out for this band!

Catch the Guys live at  The Cleveland Bay Eaglescliffe on the 1st of April!


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