Gojira | Code Orange | Car Bomb Gig review Newcastle o2 Academy 15.03.16

A fine display of punishing technicality opens tonight’s trio of bands, as the Meshuggah meets Dillinger Escape Plan sound of Car Bomb offers an assault on the senses and sets the tone for what is to follow.  January saw the release of the boundary pushing Forever, the third full length release by Pittsburgh based hardcore mob Code Orange and tonight they prove exactly why they are one of the most exciting bands around in heavy music right now. Energy resonates from the stage throughout, with an apocalyptic sense of delivery, their set attacks in an aggressive yet mesmerising fashion.  What makes this band so interesting is the unpredictability of their music, this is perfectly captured live as the band flick from the blood pumping riffs of Kill the Creator and Real, to the 90’s influenced and almost radio friendly sounds of Bleeding in the Blur and Ugly.

From the opening notes of Only Pain, it becomes apparent that we are in the presence of metal’s most vital band, Gojira truly are something special. How a band can be this heavy yet this precise is simply staggering, every riff comes roaring out of the traps and grabs you by the throat, never letting go until the dying notes of Vacuity. Yet their music is as beautiful as it is brutal, touching on subject matter that their peers wouldn’t dare to approach, Toxic Garbage Island for example is a song about environmental issues of pollution, very different from the stereotypes of music this heavy.  As the set continues its attack, Flying Whales sends the room into a rapture of flailing bodies. Touring in support of their latest release Magma, an album which in many ways felt like the final piece of the puzzle in allowing Gojira to reach their rightful platform. The likes of Stranded and Silvera from this album sit perfectly alongside older cuts and the 4/4 stomp offers a different dynamic whilst not losing any of the punch or aggression. Tonight, Is as near to a perfect performance as you are likely to find, with a band this good, firing on all cylinders, nobody really comes close in the world of heavy music.


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