Power Trip Nightmare Logic – Album Review

Nightmare Logic, the second album from Dallas based Trash crossover band Power Trip released in late February it is the sound of a band embracing their influences of yesteryear and putting a modern twist on it. The result of this is 8 tracks of perfectly crafted metal anthems. Starting with the brilliant Soul Sacrifice which melds a lingering, almost groove based riff before launching into an onslaught at break neck speed.

This turn of pace is revisited frequently throughout the album, Firing Squad fires out of the traps, before settling into a 4/4 stomp around the 2-minute mark only to fly off the handle once again.  Waiting Around to Die embraces a Master of Puppets era Metallica style gallop and the guitar solo is straight out of the Kirk Hammett play book. These instances of influence playing a big part on the music is not something which hinders this album in any way because the band have injected enough of their own flavour in order for the release to stand up on it owns. Never more is this the case than with the albums strongest track, Executioner’s Tax – Swing of the Axe. Beginning with a riff that is unapologetically in the vain of Anthrax, but a vocal delivery which couldn’t be any further from this, the track creeps along at that stomping pace as previously mentioned and never lets up, essentially relying on that one riff throughout, its simplistic song writing at its finest.

It would not be unreasonable to say that this is one of the finest metal releases of recent years, short and to the point it may be, and while not particularly pushing boundaries musically Nightmare Logic is a straight up, badass heavy metal record of the highest quality.


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